Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I placed an order but received no confirmation email. What should I do?

It’s possible that the order wasn’t correctly completed, or that an error was contained in your email address. Please also check to see if the confirmation email was delivered into your spam (junk mail) folder. If email from was treated as spam, please adjust your email settings to allow email from our domain.

If the foregoing does not resolve the problem, please contact us using the inquiry form on this website, or by telephone.

What payment methods are available?

Currently, payment can be made online using Shopify.

Can the payment method be changed after placing an order?

Once an order has been placed, the payment method cannot be changed.

When will the product arrive?

Delivery time will depend on the buyer’s location. Normally, the product will be delivered in 2-7 business days after order placement.

The product is past the scheduled delivery time and has not arrived. What should I do?

You should have received an email confirming completion of shipment. If so, it will contain an invoice number, from which you can confirm the delivery status. In case of any problem, please contact us using the inquiry form on this website, including your order number.

Is it possible to change an order after placement?

Please note that, as a rule, orders cannot be changed after placement.

Is it possible to cancel an order, or to return or exchange an item after delivery?

Please note that, once an order has been completed, the order cannot be canceled. Also, as a rule, items cannot be returned or exchanged. Exceptions will be made if the delivered item is defective in any way. (Please contact us:

What is the policy concerning handling of personal information?

Please check our Privacy Policy on this website.


How do I ask a question not included among FAQ?

Please send your inquiry by email to

Dedicated inquiry form for ship more than 3 items to a country other than Japan