Shipping policy


Shipping charge:

JPY 700 nationwide for domestic delivery, free domestic delivery for purchases totaling JPY 4,000 or more


Purchases totaling JPY 3,999 or less

Purchases totaling JPY 4,000 or more

Nationwide for domestic delivery

JPY 700



Overseas Shipping

Shipping Method: EMS


Available Shipping Regions:

Please see here


Number of days for delivery:

Please see here


About Charges:

This is the total amount of the price of the items and the overseas shipping fee.  Please note, however, when importing items from Japan, customs duties and other taxes may be levied depending on the importing country, which must be paid upon receipt of the items.


About Shipping Charge:

Up to 2 items will be shipped at the shipping rates shown in the table below.  If you wish to order 3 or more at the same time, please contact us before purchasing.


Weight up to 500g (for other weights, please see

Reference examples:
Main body: Weight (including container): 221g
Size: h110×w95×d80mm

Shipping destination

Republic of Korea

Asia other than listed on the left

Middle and Near East


(including Guam and other overseas territories)

Central and South

(excluding Mexico)

Shipping Charge

JPY 1,750

JPY 2,200

JPY 3,450

JPY 4,200

JPY 4,900


About Customs Duties and Other Taxes:

EMS requires the recipient to pay any taxes and customs fees in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the shipping destination country.  Taxes are calculated and invoiced based on the value of the items and shipping charges shown on the Invoice (a document required for customs declaration at the time of import/export).  The method of calculation differs from country to country.  For details, please contact the nearest customs office of the shipping destination country.


Delivery time

Items are dispatched within 2 to 7 business days from the date of order.